Health & Safety Policy

Hockey Manawatu Incorporated is committed to the protection of its employees, property and other persons from accidental injury or damage from work carried out by, and on behalf of Hockey Manawatu.  We adopt health, safety and welfare as a fundamental business objective.

In meeting this commitment, Hockey Manawatu Inc will comply with all legislative requirements and take all practical steps to:

  • Take all practicable steps to provide a safe place of work, leisure and safe equipment and proper materials
  • Establish and insist that safe work methods are practised at all times
  • Provide on-going supervision and training
  • Ensure employees and other persons / users of the Turf and Complex understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy place of work / leisure.
  • Involve all staff and other persons in identifying possible hazards
  • Eliminate or isolate any significant hazards that may be identified
  • Endeavour to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors to Hockey Manawatu facilities.

In order to achieve these goals, Hockey Manawatu Management and Staff will adopt a practical approach to health and safety as described in the Hockey Manawatu Incorporated Health & Safety manual.


If the incident was caused by the “hockey manawatu facilities” e.g. Sippery Turf causing a player injury.  

We would also encourage you to record all incidences and injuries that are of a serious nature. For example when a player or supporter suffers an injury that requires or would usually require them to be admitted to hospital for immediate treatment.

If you are UNSURE AT ALL, please REPORT it to Hockey Manawatu.


All Accidents / Injuries / Incidents and Near-Misses must be reported to Hockey Manawatu.  This allows us to identify any areas we may be able to minimize, isolate or eliminate any unnessary risks to staff and users of our facilities.

All Serious Injury Reports must be completed within 24 hours of the injury coming to the notice of Hockey Manawatu Management.

Let us Know if you see a Hazard or Risk We want your HELP.  If you notice a Potential Risk or Hazard within our complex, we want to know.  We take the safety and health of all users of our complex seriously and welcome input from both staff and the wider community.


We are currently in the process of upgrading our Health & Safety Notification System.  We have partnered with  In the coming weeks, Clubs, Schools and users of the complex will receive login details to report ALL Accidents / Injuries / Incidents and Near-misses into.  

In the meantime please fill out the forms below and return to us.  We have also included our Health & Safety Reporting Process and other documents for your availabilty.

School Club Player Incident Form.docx

Accident Incident Report Form.docx

Health and Safety Reporting Process for Players coaches Spectators Public.docx

Health and Safety Reporting Process for Staff.docx

HMI Health and Safety Manual.pdf

Hockey Manawatu Serious Injury form.docx