As part of the conditions of using the Hockey Manawatu Twin Turfs and Complex, any and All Users, Visitors within the Hockey Manawatu Complex, must REPORT ALL Accidents, Injuries, Incidents and Near-Misses to Hockey Manawatu Management within 24 hours of the Incident.

Serious Injury Reports must be completed for the following injuries:

  • Any injury that requires the player to be transported directly from the ground to an emergency department, hospital or after hours medical centre.
  • Any injury that results in the admission of a player to an emergency department, hospital or after hours medical centre after a game.
  • Any injury that is expected to prevent a player from playing for a period of 3 weeks or longer.

We take the Health & Well being of all Staff, Players and Visitors into our grounds seriously and we are constantly striving to improve our Complex for the enjoyment of the visitors to our facility.

All Players, Team Management, Clubs, Schools, Umpires Must Complete the following form and return to:  Ally Roberts, Hockey Manawatu, PO Box 1357, Palmerston North, email: or fax to: 06 3561 797.

PLEASE also familiarize yourself with the Reporting Process attached as well to ascertain your responsibilities:


Assembly Point Evacuation Map

Hockey Manawatu Visiting Teams PeopleSafe User Guide

School Club Player Incident Form

Health and Safety Reporting Process for Players coachers Spectators and Other

Hockey Manawatu Serious Injury form

Notifiy a Risk Hazard

Hockey Manawatu Facility Rules


We are currently in the process of upgrading our Health & Safety Notification System.  We have partnered with  In the coming weeks, Clubs, Schools and users of the complex will receive login details to report ALL Accidents / Injuries / Incidents and Near-misses into.  

In the meantime please fill out the forms above and return to us.