2018 Central / REP U18 Prep programme

2018  Central/REP U18 Prep programme

This year with: 

  • 3 mental training workshops from Gary Hermansson, sport psychologist (5 Olympic and 5 Common Wealth games). 
  • Workshop Energy management from Helen Reagan, Athlete life Advisor from High Performance Sport New Zealand
  • Morning and after game routines at tournaments from Ron Werner, Massey University. 
  • Planning your life, TBA

Goal of the programme 

  1. Preparing you for the Central / HMI trials
  2. Learning you what it takes to be a performance athlete. In this prep programme we also pay attention to developing your mental and life style skills. 

For whom 

* All players who are passionate about hockey and have the desire to get the best out of themselves. 
* players who are aiming for the HMI U18 team, Central or even the Black Sticks.
All of the above players have the characteristics of a performance athlete. 

Outline of the 8-week development to perform programme:
NB for more information on development to perform, click HERE

  • On Friday’s fitness with ball and stick, on Sunday’s hockey training. Goalies, you will get 3 x specific goalie training's
  • There is turf time reserved for PC trainings before or after your training. Own responsibility to train.
  • In total you can follow 6 workshops:
  1.  MENTAL TRAINING: visualization and self-talk by Gary Hermansson
    There are 3 mental training workshops, given by Gary Hermansson (fun to google his name). Gary has been specific: you need to follow all 3, since mental skills need to be trained. if you miss one workshop due to work or other commitment, you can’t follow the next one(s) 
  2. Life skills: Energy Management by Helen Regan, Athlete life advisor from High Performance Sport New Zealand
  3. Life skills: planning your life, TBA
  4. Recovery: A workshop with the topic what a good tournament morning routine is and a after game roller routine
  • You will be tested twice to measure your progression. 
  • We have a Kāhui U18 team in the Tuesday summer hockey competition (6 a side, half turf, div 1 level). In total we have 4 game days (of 2 games per day). In the registration you can let us know if you would like to play for this team. We will make a roster who plays per game. (Nb we expect you only play 1 game day)  

Click HERE for the complete planning.
N.B. In term 2 we will take a huge step back in the U18 REP programme. You do most of the work in your school and/ or club team; Sunday's will be reserved for mini tournaments, practice games and training specifically in lines. You might be training 2 or 3 times as a whole team. 


 Terms and Conditions

  1. You are eligible if you are born between 2000 and 2002 (thus turning 16 this year till turning 18 this year)   
  2. You sign up (and pay) for the whole programme. Yet you are free to decide to what you commit yourself to and what not. You do have 1 obligation: inform Nicolette if you can’t attend certain trainings/workshops. If it’s a last-minute thing, you are expected to txt Nicolette (0272444307). If you can’t attend because of other commitments, you fill this in on your registration form. 
  3. Gary Hermansson gives 3 mental trainings workshops. Mental skills need to be trained, thus if you miss one workshop due to work or other commitment, you can’t follow the next one(s) 
  4. We have 24 spaces per gender; Manawatu players who make themselves available for both Central and HMI or HMI only will have the preference over Manawatu players who are only aiming for Central or players from other regions.  
  5. Players from outside the region can register if: 
    a) they have the intention to play for Central and/ or a Representative team
    b) their association is not offering a preparation programme (NB we will verify with your association for approval.) 
  6.  HMI will hold Open Trials for their U18 team at the start of term 2. At the trials, when players are of the same level we will nominate the player who followed this prep programme and showed commitment and coach ability during the programme.
  7. If selected for the Central or HMI U18 teams a credit of $50 will be paid towards your costs. No other reasons for restitution. 


$ 160,00  (if selected for Central or HMI U18 a credit of $50 will be paid towards your costs).  These costs cover: 

  • 8,5 weeks training (Friday fitness on turf, Sunday hockey training + PC training)
  • 6 workshops on life style/ mental skills (by highly qualified professionals)
  • Testing twice 
  • Playing a game in the Tuesday half turf serious competition
  • Ticket Hawkes bay festival in May



Registration closes on Thursday 1 March 2018

Registration link; https://eventdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=28264&OrgID=13613