Holiday programs

Information July holiday 

In the July Holiday Kāhui Hockey Manawatu organizes a lot of activities for both players, goalies as coaches.  All those activities are open to all ages, stages and abilities. It's just a fun way to spend your holiday and develop your skills a bit more: 

A short overview what we organize + click on the link to get more information or to register:   

  1. Total overview holiday programme : in a document an overview what we organize. 
  2. Year 1 - Year 6: each day you can participate in the day programme. You can choose to only do the morning, which is full on hockey, or also the
                                   afternoon, where we also do other activities. 
  3. Year 7 - Year 8 : beside the option to participate in the day programme (morning or whole day) you can also train your PC skills or get GOALIE
  4.  PC trainings: the PC is an important part of the game. We offer trainings to work on those skills. Teaching and improving the drag flick is also part of
                                these trainings. 
  5. Secondary school specialized trainings : in the 2nd week you can work on some specific skills. We offer trainings to develop your defensive Jab
                              and channeling. We also offer trainings to work on your goal scoring skills ( Toma Hawk, scoring with a high push in zone 2 and scoring
                              from your right foot )  
  6. Goalies : in the 2nd week we have planned goalie trainings for Y7+8,  year 9+ Y10 and  Y11-Y13.  
  7. Coaches: we have created an unique opportunity for you to train with your team and get support from our RDM. 


Structure holiday programs


Goals holiday programme:

  1. Offering players (age of 5 till 18 years old) the opportunity to develop their hockey skills
  2. Improving the quality of the coaching by offering a “coach to coaches” programme

tructure holiday programme:


  • Primary and intermediate school players have 2 options: 
    1. The Morning programme
    FUN is the key word, while we focus on developing the hockey skills as well as the fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, coordination and speed) of each player. We aim to train in groups of the same age and ability.  
    2. A Full  day programme
     After the morning programme and lunch the programs continues. Fun, hockey and other activities like swimming, the playing ground etc. will be the ingredients in the afternoon. The groups will consist of different ages. 
  • Secondary school players
    Secondary school training will start from 1.00 pm till late. There are 2 types of training: 1) general trainings or 2) specialist trainings which focus on a theme like goalscoring, jab technique etc. The trainings are open to all ages and abilities.
    Development of players is our goal; you will always train with your own age group or with 1 age group higher. Sometimes we offer the same training for different hockey levels.  

The “coaches to coach” programme in the holiday has 2 options:   
1. Coaches can register for a team training in the late afternoon. Depending on the coach’s development he/she can choose what he would like:
       A: The coach gives the training to his team and gets tips and feedback from the Mentor Coach.
       B: The Mentor Coach gives the training and teaches the coach the ingredients of a quality training and the hockey skills which are the focus.  

2. C
oaches can register for the specialist trainings to learn how to teach a certain topic. You will be working with the players who registered for those