Dear Clubs,

Further to the email you received on the 6th of April, we will be giving Clubs access to the lighting and watering systems for 2023. 

This will mean that there will not be a turf controller present during club competitions.  This change is to provide the Clubs with the ability to water and turn the lights on as required.

While watering will generally be required ever second game during winter, this approach will ensure that teams, and officials, can consult and water as necessary.  It will be the responsibility of both teams to communicate and decide whether water is necessary.

To ensure games are not delayed, watering will need to be started as soon as possible following the completion each game.  Umpires will continue to start games at the scheduled time.

If your coach and / or manager require training on how to water, please reach out to the team at HMI to arrange a time.

Initially, an HMI staff member will be there to assist you if you are struggling.  Please note that they are there to assist, and will not be initiating the watering.

Other key items:

Ice – this is available from the Bar this year.

Health & Safety Incidents – Please remember to familiarise your Clubs with the Health & Safety information on our website (Hockey Manawatu Inc - Key Documents ( and complete the online forms for any incidents during your matches.  This supports HMI in monitoring risks and assists us in managing hazards.  If there is a serious incident, please email, as well as completing the online forms.

Watering – Instructions on watering are in the water control cabinet.  Programme A is for both turfs, Programme B is for Turf 2 only and Programme C is for Turf 1 only.

If there are any incidents that require an HMI staff member, you are able to call the land line (06) 356 4562 extension GM or my mobile on 027 327 4433.

Kind Regards,

Jake Inwood

General Manager, Hockey Manawatu

P 06 356 4562  |  M 027 327 4433 |

Twin Turfs, 6a Manawaroa Street, Palmerston North 4410  |  PO Box 1357, Palmerston North 4440