2022 Club Hockey Competition Information

We are pleased to announce an outline of Season dates for the 2022 Club Competition below.  You can also download the 2022 HMI Club Key Dates as a document

2022 HMI Club Competition Key Dates

Team Entries Due

Friday 25th March

Player Registrations Due

Friday 1st April 2022

- (Please note player must be registered into their selected club and team prior to playing their first game.)

Club Challenge Week (promotion/relegation games)

NA 2022

Club Opening Festival Day

NA 2022

Competition Length

16 Weeks + Semi-finals and Finals (Total 18 weeks)



Club Competition Start Date

Friday 1st April       – Div 3 & Div 4 Men

Saturday 2nd April     – Premier / Premier Reserve

Sunday 3rd April    – Div 3 Women

Club Semi-Finals

Friday 5th August     – Div 3 & Div 4 Men

Saturday 6th August – Premier / Premier Reserve

Sunday 7th August  – Div 3 Women

Club Finals

Saturday 13th August – All Grades

Club Reserve Finals Day

Sunday 14th August – All Grades

Non-Playing Dates

Friday 15th  - Sunday 17th April (Easter)

Friday 3rd June – Sunday 6th June 2022 (Queens Birthday Weekend)

Dates to Note:

Saturday 10th July–Sunday 17th July - Manawatu U18 Players attending National Tournaments

No play from 8th-10th July for all divisions (except div 3 women). This weekend could be used for catch up games if required. 

2022 HMI Award Nominations

Friday 29th July 2022 (Last Day for Nominations)

2022 HMI Prizegiving


Club Competition Fees (excluding training fees)

Entry Fee (Non-Affiliated teams only)

Affiliation Fees

Umpire Levy

Game Fees (18 Weeks including Semi-Finals & Finals)


@ $143.00 per game x 18 Weeks

Club- Affiliated

$1,664.00 per team

            $75.00 per team


 $ 4,170.00

per team

Club-Non Affiliated

                           $440.00 per team


             $75.00 per team


 $ 2946.00

per team

2022 HMI Turf Charges - Download Here


Premier Women and Premier Reserve Information

  1. Division 1 and Division 2 will start the season combined.
  2. The competition will be divided into 3 pools of 4 teams, with one Division 1 premier team in each pool. We will play one round which each team meeting each of the other teams in their pool.
  3. After Round 1, the group will be split into 2 pools of six teams each based on ranking after Round 1. The top 2 teams from each pool in the previous round will play as this year’s premier division, and the bottom 2 from each pool with play as the premier reserve division in this phase.
  4. The top 2 finishing teams who entered initially in the premier division will play the Division 1 Grand Final. Premier Division 1 Team 3 misses out.
  5. Premier Reserve Division – all teams that entered the Division 2 competition will be ranked on their finishing position in Premier and Premier Reserve.
  6. Places 4 & 5 (who played in the Premier division) will progress straight through to the semi-finals.
  7. Quarter finals – after the 2 rounds (of 5 games in each) from their finishing positions 6 will play 9, and 7 will play 8, both for places in the semi-finals.
  8. Semi Finals - The winner of the 6 vs 9 quarter final will play 4 and the winner of the 7 vs 8 quarter final will play 5 in the semi-finals.
  9. The two semi-final winners will then compete in the Division 2 Grand Final.


  • All Visitors to comply with contact tracing, hygiene, social distancing and gathering size restrictions that may still be in place on the day
  • It is prohibited to bring alcohol into the facility including crparks and changing rooms
  • 20+ age policy - identification will be required for anyone 20 years of age or under.  Please do not be offended if asked
  • Any intoxicated or unruly persons will be evicted

You may have noticed recent Hockey Manawatu updates on the impact of Covid-19 on our programmes, competitions and operations. You can find updates on our Covid-19 tab has been added on the top line of our menu options on this website. This not only provides Hockey Manawatu updates from time to time, but also links to government, Sport New Zealand and Hockey New Zealand Covid-19 information.​​​​​​​