Following the government announcement on the 23rd of March, while testing and isolation requirements remain as currently, changes to the covid-19 protection framework and traffic light changes are as follows;

  1. From midnight Friday 25th March, outdoor gathering limits will be removed, and indoor gathering limits will double from 100 to 200 people.

This means that for outside areas within the Twin Turfs facility, there will no longer be any restriction on the number of people allowed – in essence, the 100 people limit on each of our 3 outdoor “zones” will be no longer in place.

It also means that from Saturday 26th March our Pavilion limit becomes 200 people, and the requirement for masks does remain in place.

  1. From 4 April, My Vaccine Pass will no longer be required and “scanning in” requirements will also end. Vaccine mandates for all (other than some specialised frontline workforces) will be removed.

This means people will no longer require a My Vaccine Pass to enter those venues previously covered by the Pass, and while businesses, venues and events have the right to continue to require Passes, our Board has resolved that we will not require this for the Twin Turfs. Again, the requirement for masks at indoor venues remains in place.

Summary: By the 4th April 2022, Red settings means indoor gathering limits of 200 and masks, Orange means masks, and Green means guidance.