Coaching Resources

Hockey New Zealand have a great online coaching portal that contains basic coaching courses, a large selection of drills to help with planning a training session, coaching articles and up to date HNZ information and dates

One of the great resources on bracken is the online learning.

This portal includes the following courses:

-Coaching Fundamentals

-Coaching Goal Keepers

-Coaching Ticket

-Coaching of Introductory players programme

-Coaching of foundation players programme

Follow the link below to take you straight to the courses page where you can read more about each individual course and which one best suits you and where you are on your coaching journey.

Coaching Ticket​​​​​​​

Coaching ticket is essentially your Warrant of Fitness for Coaching.

Hockey Manawatu strongly encourage everyone who is coaching or wanting to get into coaching to complete this course. It takes roughly 20minutes to complete and covers the basics of safety and some information about any current resources.

Click on the button to start your coaching ticket course today!

This article describes all about the coaching ticket

National Coaching Ticket now Available for ALL Coaches (