2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition Information

We are pleased to announce an outline of Season dates for the 2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition below.  You can also download the 2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition Key Dates as a document

2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition Updates:

  • Our 2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition will be again held at the HMI Twin Turfs and our satellite turf based at Massey University Hockey Turf, Albany Drive (off old west road) Palmerston North.
  • In the 2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition teams in the Year 5 - Year 6 grade may register with a fully-padded goalie, or without goalies.
  • Due to the current and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we require all players to be registered through our sporty registration process.

2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition Key Dates Booklet - Coming Soon!

2022 Pita Pit Primary School Competition Key Dates

Team Entries Due

Friday 22nd April 2022

Player Registrations Due

Friday 29th April 2022 (Required to play in our HMI competitions)

Primary School

Competition Start Date

Sunday 15th May 2022


  Kwisticks 7 Aside half field (Year 5 & 6)

  Grades with & without padded Goalies

  Ministicks 6 Aside quarter field (Year 3 & 4)

  Funsticks 4 Aside eighth field (Year 0 – 2)

Competition Length

Playing Dates

12 Weeks

15th May 

22nd May 

29th May 

12th June 

19th June 

26th June 

3rd July 

31st July 

7th August 

14th August

21st August

28th August

   Competition Game Timings

    YEAR 0 - YEAR 2  15 Minute Halves (30 minute games)

    YEAR 3 - YEAR 4  15 Minute Halves (30 minute games)

    YEAR 5 - YEAR 6  20 Minute Halves (40 minute games)

Competition Finish Date

Sunday 28th August 2022

Non-Playing Dates

Friday 3rd June – Sunday 4th June 2022

(Queens Birthday Weekend)

Sunday 10th, 17th, 24th July 2022

Dates to Note:


Teams to provide their own umpire for their games – however please ensure they register through this link:   https://www.sporty.co.nz/viewform/155190

We will endevour to provide umpires for years 1-6

COSTS:    YEAR 0 - YEAR 2  $170.00 PER TEAM

    YEAR 3 - YEAR 4  $190.00 PER TEAM

    YEAR 5 - YEAR 6  $280.00 PER TEAM


FAQ – Changes to 2022 Pita Pit Primary Competition

What does Goalie Optional mean for the Kiwisticks Division? 

Teams have the choice to play a fully padded Goalie.  Otherwise they must use 7 field players.  Of those 7 players they cannot have a kicking back or have a player who stands in front of the goal during the game.

Defending players may only stand infront of the goal when defending the ball from attack.

​​​​​​​What are Player Registrations and how do players register?

Every player must register through their school sporty online registration form.  Players MUST BE REGISTERED by their parent / guardian before they can play.  Players are not to be registered by their school.  Schools should all have a sporty login, if you need your login details, or your school does not have a login, please email office@hockeymanawatu.org.nz for assistance.

Note:  Please remind families only soft soled shoes allowed on turf.  There is no need to buy grass boots this year, sneakers / turf shoes are recommended.  No sprigs/cleats or spikes on turfs please.